Varion Co


Our story began in 2016 in the busy town of Jakarta, Indonesia. Varion was established by two likeminded friends with a vision of providing solutions and becoming the most strategic partner to the people all around the world. Supported by the advantage of having a full access to many of our industries, owned by our founders and partners. In 2018, we expanded our business into sustainable company specializing in Consulting Management, Agriculture, Processing Agriculture product, trading and many other sectors

We embarked on a journey to become a one-stop solution partner in the effort to fully integrate the supply chain from origins/crops to end consumers. Our journey begins with the expansion of our assets and capabilities of consulting, sourcing, processing, manufacturing, and developing our business

Our Mission

Creator of new industries, Brilliant future for people all over the world.

Vision and Value

Our vision is to bring together ambitious and universally sympathetic people. By fully utilizing their limited time and trough our company’s pursuit of tenacious solutions, we start new business, transform existing business into sustainable one and create new sustainable industries

PT Varion Capital Management

PT Varion Sukses Makmur

PT Varion Agritech Indonesia

Fume Kopi Indonesia

PT Varion Mitra Jaya

Elok Mitra Bersama